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Our app evaluates proposals in biological and medical domains, calculates their potential impact and risk, generates publication recommendations and identifies trends. All of the above is based on public data bioRxiv, medRxiv and bio sections of arxiv from their inception to present day.

Improve research evaluation at all stages of scientific endeavors

GrowGraph workflow
  • Represent proposals or publications as graphs. Capture the structure and the context of logical arguments.
  • Identify publications that overlap in motivation, hypothesis or methodology. Discover publications that are relevant for your line of research.

Validate Scientific Statements

  • Find publications that address scientific statements that are relevant for you.
  • Provide relevance and credibility scores for individual claims in a publication. How likely is the claim to be reproduced 10 years later?
  • How controversial is a specific statement? Is it likely to hold in 10 years?

Evaluate Proposal Impact

  • Compute scores for impact, risk, cogency, consistency and originality.
  • For researchers — plan your projects efficiently, evaluate research opportunities.
  • For reviewers — evaluate incoming submissions and place them within the existing body of research.
  • For grant-decision makers — use objective, data-driven measures to reduce bias.
GrowGraph - Evaluate Proposal Impact

Construct a Research Portfolio

  • Identify an optimal portfolio of proposals for your metric of choice, while minimizing the delivery risk.
  • Aim for a broad coverage of a particular domain or focus on solving a research problem.
  • Quantify the diversification of your portfolio. How uncorrelated are the impact scores of your assets?
GrowGraph - Construct a Research Portfolio

GrowGraph generates signals from unstructured data

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